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Vision, Missions & Core Values


We as an Institution focus on our students who provide us a reason for our existence. All our efforts are directed toward inculcating a constant yearning for learning.


Rooted in the life, vision, and teachings of my beloved Mother Fatima who inspired me to serve humanity and spread love and care among all people irrespective of the community they belong to. Fatima Degree College strives to become a center of academic excellence in higher education, social responsibility, and empowerment.


Fatima Degree College is not simply a college but a community, a team, a community-building organization, and a nation-building educational institution. Ours is a vibrant institution whose veins are full of the blood of service to the nation and whose heart is beating with the love of society. We, the students, the non-teaching staff, the faculty, the management, and the governing body of Fatima Degree College aspire to follow and practice the following mission.

  • Service to the nation
  • Service to society
  • Service to the community
  • Service to the educationally weaker section of society
  • Service to the down and out of society.
  • Respect for the heritage, diversity, and integrity of the nation.
  • Inculcation of scientific temper, culture, and ethics.
  • Inculcation of the love for Art, Literature & Culture.
  • Inculcation of an urge for social service.
  • Adherence to the principles of integrity, idealism, fairness, honesty & courage.
  • Seeking self-improvement selflessness, self-discipline & self-respect.
  • Empowering all stakeholders.
  • Optimal Utilisation of resources.
  • Collaborations Quality Sustenance & Improvement.
  • Strengthening of faculty, staff & students.
  • Innovation, Creativity & Excellence.
  • Listen, Care, and Serve.
  • Learning for Life.
  • Inclusiveness, Equality & Equity.
  • Patience & Understanding.
  • Openness to Change.