Welcome to Fatima Degree College, a unique name in Bed. Education offering a genuine choice of pathways for students. We value diversity, creativity, innovation, relationships and achievement. These values are reflected in the programs offered, the rich musical and cultural life of the College, the commitment to cooperative local and international relationships, and the variety of successful student outcomes.

On behalf of the Fatima degree college of Education for students, I extend a warm and cordial welcome to all aspirants for professional education. The Fatima degree college Recognized by: ERC,NCTE,Bhubaneswar (Govt. of India), Establised ,Managed and Run by AL-Fatima Education Society, Patna.

With a through professional approach to education, the management of Fatima degree college is Degree college ,Gonpura , Phulwari sarif patna affiliated by Maulana Mazharul Haque Arabic &Persian University ,Patna. All the bright children of light are students to join the fast-expanding community of dedicated professionals. Let the reign of light prevail.

The College of Teacher Education For Women, affiliated to the University of by Maulana Mazharul Haque Arabic & Persian University ,Patna, the imparting quality teacher education for the last decades as one of the most prestigious teacher education . The commitment and whole hearted service to the tender minds, the precious future human resources of our country and thereby transform the whole society.